Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Today we hiked the Danny On trail, up Big Mounain.  Beautiful day for a hike, and there were lots of  flowers to be seen.  We just got new phones, and the camera on these things is crazy good!

Dinner with the kids

Enjoyed dinner with Amber and Mark, at a new restaurant we hadn't known about.  Tamarack Brewing, in Lakeside.  A beautiful drive past Flathead Lake, and outside seating next to a lovely creek.  Sorry the pic is blurred, either me moving or I smudged my lens...my bad!

Beautiful day for a hike

 The weather has cooled down, enough for us to want to get out and hike a bit.  We kept it local, over at Whitefish Trail this time.

The overlook at Skyles Lake.  On June 6, a grizzly was sighted just below this overlook, sitting on a "kill".  We didn't see anything in the local paper, it was on Facebook.  Kind of close in for a grizzly, I thought.

 A new learning center pavilion has been built since last year, and is available to groups for many different uses.  The citizens of Whitefish are really dedicated to making their city a great place to visit and live.

Houston, we have a problem

Our trailer heater stopped working, and we kind of need it still in the mornings up here. Just to warm things up.  But Darrell was unable to remove the furnace, it was so buried under the stove, that we had to take the whole trailer in so they could fix it.  Just trying to save a few dollars, but no go.  Trailer and furnace were back the same day, fixed and ready to go.