Monday, September 29, 2014


 After crossing Flaming Gorge, we went up and over the Uintas, just in time for some fall color before the rain knocked the leaves down.

 Landing in Vernal, Utah, we went to Dinosaur National Monument and viewed a whole hillside enclosed in a building for viewing purposes.  So interesting.  Below, I stand next to a dinosaur femur to show the size comparison.


 We drove through Paradise Valley, into Roosevelt Arch, and after some re-configuring due to road closures, we were on our way through the park to West Yellowstone where we stayed 2 nights.  The elk were loitering in Mammoth Hot Springs, and bison were still causing traffic jams.

 We tried to do a selfie with Old Faithful spewing in the background, but it was I decided to do a play on words, and we had fun with it.

On our circuitous drive south through the park, we stopped at Canyon, where they are building 3 new huge lodges.  This cabin is what we stayed in when we visited Amber back in her college days when she interned at Yellowstone.  They were rustic then!

 On to the Tetons, we were blessed with good weather for picture taking, and camped in Gros Ventre campground,  We thought it would be dry camping, but we had a nice, paved electric site!

 The new visitor center near Moose Junction is beautiful. Afterwards, we just drove around taking pictures.  Even though we've been here several times before, we always see it with fresh eyes.


On to Bozeman we went, stopping at the Museum of the Rockies, a beautifully curated museum containing wonderful exhibits of dinosaurs found in Montana, plus a visiting art exhibit we wanted to see.  Just before we left Kalispell, my cousin and her husband came through on their way here.  We got to have dinner, and Dean shared that his friend, Clyde Butcher, was exhibiting his photography at MOR.  So, we decided to make it one of our stops.
This photographer takes photographs similar to Ansel Adams, but these are huge, some 4 x 6 feet!
It was a great exhibit, and we had fun seeing Bozeman again.  It has grown a lot!

On the road again.....

 Our first night heading home was spent at the Lewis and Clark Caverns campground.  The next morning we headed to the top of the hill and just made the first tour.  These caverns were much more "hands on" than Kartchner Caverns, and not quite so huge as Carlsbad.  Lots more narrow passageways, steep climbs, and a slide down a well worn chute!  Really cool in our opinion.  Glad we finally made the stop to see them.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


This is our last week before we hit the road for Tucson, so we are hitting our favorite spot one last time.  We had gorgeous weather for a trip up to Logan Pass, and were able to squeeze into a parking space down the road from the visitor center.  It was really busy!  

 Back at Les Mason the next day, the swim buoys are coming in for the winter.   Our swim platform, the kids' favorite, has survived another summer of use, both by kids and grownups of all sizes, and quite a few ducks!