Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The first farmers' market of the season was today.  All 3 of us strolled around the booths, making our selections.  We find that if we don't get our produce first, before we peruse the crafts and other goodies, they're gone when we go back to get them....the good stuff goes fast! With live music, crafts from jewelry to hand warmers, plus the first produce of the year, this is where it's at. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 Another rainy day, and we were headed to East Glacier, but changed our minds and turned right at Hungry Horse.  We were anxious to see if the road around the reservoir was open, and were not disappointed.  The first third was paved, and the rest was nicely graded.  No washboards!  So, across the dam, and down the road....a total of about 50 miles to the southern tip of the reservoir.
We spotted an osprey sitting at its nest....hard to tell if there were babies in it yet. 
This is the Federal ranger station at Spotted Bear, which is at the southern tip of the reservoir.  It's staffed from mid May through November.

This is a swing bridge across the swiftly running South Fork of the Flathead....aptly named, cause it swings when you walk across it.  Not this time; we have Luna, which would guarantee a brisk dip in the water.
Luna and I pause....or I should say, I pause, Luna never stops moving.  We have been advised by the vet tech to duct tape her to the floor while she's recovering from her spay surgery. One good thing is, she falls asleep immediately when we go anywhere in the truck.  Just like a baby!
This is the south fork of the Flathead River.  It starts south of the other Flathead forks, heads north into Hungry Horse Reservoir, stops a bit at the dam, then meets up north of that, with the middle and north forks.  Sound confusing?  It was to us, until we looked at the map.
Even on a cloudy day, these mosses have colors that stand out naturally.

Monday, May 21, 2012


 Northwest Montana spring is usually cool and damp, and that is what our forecast for the next week or so has predicted.  This first picture is shot from up on Big Mountain, where you can look down on the valley, and Whitefish Lake.  However, the clouds are shrouding the trees and valleys; but we think it's pretty and mysterious-looking.

Shots from Main Street look up at the mountain, where the snow is almost gone.  Quite a different spring this year from last.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ok, we're going to try to cut back on the dog pictures.  More scenery and people needed, definitely.  Lake McDonald greets us with beautiful reflections.

Luna is learning her swim strokes.....they seem to come naturally.  She usually swims twice a day, and is getting in shape for the summer olympics.
While Darrell went fishing this morning, I tried to vacuum....with Luna's help, of course.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


We made it to Les Mason safe and sound.  We kind of hit the ground running; with the weather being nice, we worked on Amber's yard, and tried to get housekeeping set up.  Luna has met her cousin, Bella.  Now that we have high speed internet, I'll be able to post pictures more easily.
I would guess the temp of the lake water to be about 50 degrees....both dogs are swimming out to fetch sticks, it seems it's in their DNA! More pictures to follow. :)

Friday, May 04, 2012

Luna is such a good traveler....wants to be right by her dad

Thursday, May 03, 2012


So, we took this pleasant shortcut around Salt Lake City, picked up the road up to Jackson and the Grand Tetons, thinking we would zip through Yellowstone and enjoy the scenery on the way....Nay nay!
The south road into Yellowstone doesn't open til May 11, due to snow pack.  We should have known this, Amber always told us they sometimes don't open til late May.  Goes to show you what aging does to a mind.  But we had fun, anyway!
 Rather than go through the construction all the way through Salt Lake City, we took an alternate route up and around, and camped near Park City.  This state campground is on Jordanelle Reservoir, and is beautiful!  Practically every campsite has a view of the lake, and it has laundry facilities and showers.

We took a quick drive to Park City, former Olympic ski resort.  It did not disappoint, with its many shops and eateries.  We would say it rivals Aspen.