Sunday, March 27, 2011


We were looking for something new and different to do, and I think we found it.
SARA, Southern Arizona Rocket Association, had its annual rocket launch open to the public. As indicated on the picture, this place is in the middle of nowhere!
This was an all weekend event, but we were
intrigued by the dusk til 9 launchings.
They started with the small ones (1 to 2 feet,
then progressed to the bigger ones.
Next year, we will: dress warmer, bring
chairs, and maybe even a picnic dinner!

This club is definitely family oriented.....everybody celebrates being a kid!

These rockets represent a lot of work and $$ too, I assume.....

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Eric, April, Tyler and Will drove all the way from MN to see us! So exciting! The first morning Tyler was sitting at the kitchen table, and he said "there goes a cat!" We know of only one neighborhood cat, so we looked out the window, and it was a BOB cat! This is the first one we have seen like this since we moved about "cue the wildlife"!
Darrell had tickets to the local garden model railroad show, so we drove around to some of the homes to see the best ones.

Relaxing on the patio

Coming from wintry Minnesota, Will and Tyler enjoy our spa in the backyard, and the sun in the sky.

We spent a morning at our local park throwing the frisbee. The thought was to help Will & Tyler run off some energy....I think the grownups got more worn

Kartchner Caverns, Pinnacle Peak for dinner

No cameras allowed in the caverns, so.....the boys enjoyed the caves, as did the adults. On our way back, we stopped at Pinnacle Peak for dinner, a ride on the train, and a good old fashioned shoot out on Main Street.


Plans were to go for a hike in Sabino Canyon. When the weather turned so warm, we opted for a busy day at the go kart, bumper boat, miniature golf, arcade place. Fun was had by all.

Dad brought projects to keep us all busy

Eric takes Will & Tyler to Lowe's when they have projects for kids to build. So, he brought some kits with them to build with Grandpa's help. The finished products were a coin bank, and a pirate's ship.

Fun at the pool

Just about every day found us all down at the pool. The boys swam/played so much, their toes got raw!

Desert Museum

We went early, to the morning raptor show, and it must have been 85 by the time we were finished.