Thursday, November 29, 2012


 Flat Stanley is a recent phenomena at our house.  For kids who are in the fourth grade, it seems to be on the curriculum.  Flat Stanley is a book the children are reading at this point, and their teachers have decided to include friends and grandparents in the formula by having the kids send a letter to the person of their choice (in this case, we were chosen 3 times) with a cutout of Flat Stanley, usually their photo glued to the figure, and ask them to take Flat Stanley on a tour of where they live.  Arizona is fertile ground for unusual places to see.  The first two times, we took Flat JJ and Flat Tyler to Tombstone, Bisbee, and anywhere else we could think of that would give the child's class an idea of what Arizona was like. 
The third time around found us just returning from up north, having company, getting settled, and not really wanting to travel to those places anytime soon.  But, we rallied, and found some nearby fun places to photograph.  One of them was Traildust Town, which has lots of photo-ops.  Also, we went up to Mount Lemmon, a nice break from the still warm desert floor. A trip to Home Depot was documented, because, hey, we go there a lot. lol