Sunday, March 30, 2014


Seems like we have had our noses to the grindstone since January or so, doing landscaping, moving tons of rock, recoating floors, painting, we decided to take time out for a fun day.  We are retired, after all!  So, Darrell had heard from a gal at the dog park here about a "water dog park" in Gilbert.  We decided to make a day of it, packed a picnic, and drove the 1-1/2 hrs to Cosmo Dog Park.  This one ranks right up there with the enormous one in Whitefish, Montana.  It's beautiful.  A swimming lake for the dogs, lots of large and small play areas, all for dogs.  I must get busy and campaign for one of these to be built in Tucson! BTW, Luna loved it!


After our visit with Gail and Darrell, we got down to business.  I think it was because we went and looked at model homes with them, and I came home to wall colors I was tired of after 8, off to the paint store to sift through MANY colors before we arrived at one we really loved.  Then the work began.  Our backs are not the same as they used to be back in the day....


Gail and Darrell came for a visit from California recently, always fun to get together with them.  We have been friends for 44 years.  Gail and I worked together, she got married, we all had kids, went camping/backpacking together, just had fun together.  We took them to Ignite at the Ritz Carlton for a cocktail, and to listen to the flautist play at sunset.  It was their 44th anniversary, and we all enjoyed the evening.


The other day we stopped by our friends' down the street, and as we walked up to their door, I was startled by a loud "ribbit".  It was Bonnie's motion detecting frog, announcing our visit.  I ruminated on this afterwards, and decided this would be a perfect thing to have with us up at our park hosting gig at Whitefish. So, here he is, in all his ugliness.  Luna was fascinated with him, and tried to pick him up.  We'll have to work with her on that, as we need the frog to stay in one spot.  We thought it would be a good sensor to alert us to any critters wandering by our 5th wheel at night.
Oh, what fun!

Saturday, March 08, 2014

28 pounds

Amber spent a couple of hours culling through the stuff she brought with her.  (2 suitcases).  She ended up with her pack containing her sleeping bag, tent, most of her food for 2 trips into the national parks down there, cook stove, spork, sleeping pad, many other things we don't know about, all weighing 28 pounds.  I think it's a new record for her.  That was all she took with her besides a sack (no purse) containing her passport and other important stuff.
We were impressed.

A quick hike during a quick stopover

Amber arrived in Mesa from Montana,  on one leg of her flight to Patagonia, Chile, which seems to be on the other side of the world.  Being the active one in the family, she coaxed us into a short hike up Lower Javelina trail. We enjoyed our short time with her, and after cramming her backpack with a month's worth of freeze dried food and a few clothing items, she was off the next day, this time leaving from Phoenix International. She, too, has a blog where she will be updating us as she can when near wi-fi.
You can check our her travels on