Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hidden Falls

We hiked 6 miles around South Jenny Lake and were rewarded by this view.

After-dinner entertainment; classic cowboy songs and lots of earthy humor.

Our choices were steak, bbq beef, ribs, or bbq beef & chicken. along with beans and other gastric delights.
We revisited the famous Bar J chuckwagon for old times' sake. Hadn't been there in 20 years.
A view of the Tetons from Jackson Lake Lodge, where we had a great lunch overlooking a wetland preserve. Saw our second moose munching his lunch. Our waiter brought us binoculars for a better look.

Teton National Park-June 25-27

First day in the park, and we saw a moose! Mount Moran reflected in a pond.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Double O Arch

We took a morning hike in Devil's Garden.

Landscape Arch

June 22-We arrived in Moab and went directly to Arches National Park. Afternoon shadows on one of the many "fins".

June 22-Getting ready to leave our campground in Monument Valley-but wait, the tailgate on the truck won't release! Can't hook up without the tailgate down. Lucky Darrell's nickname is Mr. Fixit.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Our commercial for Cedar Creek trailers.

Thursday, June 21: We entered Monument Valley. Awesome looking formations sit randomly everywhere. We went to the visitor center there, then drove around to see the sights. Temps were in the 90's.

After a walk around town, we went to the Lowell Observatory up on the hill. Saw telescopic views of Saturn and Jupiter. While waiting in line for the Jupitor viewing, we watched the International Space Station with the docked space shuttle, along with Soyuz (sp) following close behind. So amazing!

We had a nice dinner at the Weatherford Hotel, outside. Then walked around town a bit. Came upon "dance lessons" in the town square. Everyone was having a good time.

Our first night in Flagstaff...Amber's kayak adorns our truck.

Once again we hit the road to elude the triple digit temps of Tucson. Our plan is to head due north, hit some sights we haven't seen before, and some that we have....including visiting Amber in Bozeman, MT. Final destination is Flathead Lake, MT, which is near Glacier National Park. Join us along the way, and we'll keep ya posted!