Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Darrell & I took a trip to New Mexico the first week of Oct. 06, to visit Darrell's cousin & family, and to see the balloon fiesta for the first time. We also visited Santa Fe and Taos. There is so much to see in NM, we'll be going back, for sure!

These petroglyphs are located right behind Dick and Marcia's home in Albuquerque

Dick, Marcia, Melinda and Luna hike among the petroglyphs

Noah takes a break from bug hunting

Noah surveys his empire from atop the new kiva

St Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe

One of the churches along our way up to Taos.

The cemetery at the edge of Taos Pueblo

Part of the pueblo

The ovens where residents of Taos Pueblo cook their meals

Taos Pueblo

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Wayne & Jeannie have crewed for this balloon for the last 5yrs...they're also our daughter-in-law's mom & dad.

Marcia and Melinda had to get up at "0'dark:30" to get to the balloon park.

Mounted police and mounts enjoy the show.

One of the many special shapes.

Aliens among us.

This is just part of the 1,000 balloonists at the Fiesta

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Here are some pictures from our July '06 trip all over the place! We started in Bryce, hit Zion, went up to Huntington Canyon, Utah, on up to Bozeman, MT, over through Idaho, Washington, then down through Oregon...we finished by heading south down through California, then back home. A great trip, saw lots, visited with the kids, and re-connected with my cousin that I hadn't seen in 30 years. Wow. Next time, we will do less driving and more exploring in one place.

Bryce Canyon Lodge

On the hike down to Queen's Garden

Hoo doos

One of the many arches in the canyon

Zion-hiking along the Virgin River...could have gone farther, we forgot water shoes

April's family reunion in the Monty LaSal wilderness, Utah...we crashed the party

Eric holds the golfball throwing trophy

April is winning

Will, 2-1/2, Tyler, 3-1/2

Grandpa takes the boys on an offroad trip

My new friend, Oscar...I almost took him home with me

Us, after our 2hour "adventure" on a 4-wheeler (he drove)

Amber took us on a great hike up to some waterfalls, outside of Bozeman

mom, dad, Amber

Lake C'oeur d'Alene

Camping in Heyburn State Park, south of C'oeur d'Alene

Grand Coulee Dam

Westport, Washington...camped and had dinner here

We drove up the coast of the Olympic Peninsula to Hoh Valley

Foxglove grows wild on the side of the road

Hoh Valley trail