Thursday, January 27, 2011

Notice the full size passenger van to the right of these giant rock haulers. We have decided to see if we can find out about a tour of this place. Really interesting!

Morenci Mine...biggest copper mine in the world

This mine went on forever! It appears to be operating again, as the price of copper has risen.

We took hwy 191 back home, driving along the Mogollon Rim. We were curious about this sign, but in the parking lot, all signs were boarded up due to budget cuts by the state of AZ. :(

A lot of the roads we wanted to explore were not plowed; so, we explored north of Springerville, then circled back to Show-Low, where we found a little fishing pond with a plethora of wintering geese and ducks. They thought it was feeding time!

We had a "log motel room" all to ourselves, due to checking in on a Sunday/Monday

Fast's January

We decided to take advantage of a "Groupon" and head up to Greer, in the White Mountains.